“Sustainable architecture must no longer be treated as an option in our minds.
Today, we no longer have to work out axiomatic principles, but rather anchor an idea of sustainable construction
and good architecture as an essential system,” concludes our team leader from the Düsseldorf office Dr (BRA) Lennart Bertram Pöhls.

As a DGNB Registered Professional and BREAM-AP, he took part in the lecture series “DGNB Unterwegs” for Homann Architects.
This format takes place at regular intervals and offers not only first-hand information on the DGNB, but also exclusive insights into ongoing projects and networking with other members. The central focus of the event is therefore an exchange between experts on the latest developments in the field of sustainable construction. The DGNB’s principle “Sustainability is the new normal” was once again more topical than ever among the participants.

The construction project “The Cradle” was presented: a wood-hybrid office building in Düsseldorf. Built according to the cradle-to-cradle principle, it provided plenty to talk about for all those present.

From our point of view, the participation of Dr (BRA) Lennart Bertram Pöhl was a great success. It emphasised our commitment to innovative and sustainable architectural projects. We were able to learn a lot of new things and contribute our expertise to valuable discussions in order to continue to improve together in this area.