our team



Our team unites a wide variety of personalities with diverse talents. Everyone does what he or she does best. Everyone contributes their strengths and helps to make others stronger. Because one thing is clear to everyone: only as a team can we achieve the best results for our clients.

These are some of the reasons why we have grown so strongly and quickly in terms of personnel.

Bernd Befort

Head of EngineeringDipl.-Ing. Architect (FH)

Nils Kupitz

Team Leader EngineeringB.Eng. Civil Engineering (TH)

Stanley Reich

Head of Architecture & DesignDipl.-Ing. Architect

Stefanie Faff

Team Leader EngineeringB.A. Architecture

Emanuel Homann

CEO & Founding PartnerDipl.-Ing. Architect (TU), LL.M. Building Law

Sebastian Müller

Team Leader MarketingDipl.-Des. Kommunikationsdesign (FH)

Omid Iradjpanah

CEODipl.-Ing. Architecture (FH) & Real estate economist (IREBS)

Kathrin Starcke

Chief Operating Officer with ProcurationDipl.- Ing. Architecture (TU)

Sergio Parrilla

Team Leader ArchitectureB.Sc. Architecture

Fabrice Köhring

Team EngineeringArchitectural Draftsman

Christoph Bartram

Team Leader Healthcare ArchitectureB.A. Architect (FH)

Christopher Scholz

Team EngineeringCertified Construction Engineer

Eleni Maria Siozos

Team Leader ArchitectureM.Sc. Architecture

Heinz-Alfons Homann

Team Leader EngineeringDipl. Ing. Architect (FH)

Matthias Schreckenberg

Team EngineeringStudent Employee Civil Engineering

Silvia Soria De Casas

Team ArchitectureM.Sc. Architecture

Tigran Manukyan

Team Leader Creative StudioB.A. Architecture

Colette Stella El Abassi

Head of HR & AdministrationLL.M.

Anna-Lena Weidemann

Team Leader AccountingB.Sc. Business Administration

Maik Göbel

Team Leader FinanceBachelor Professional in Wirtschaft

Lisa Hillebrand

HR ManagerinCertified specialist for office and project organization

Carlos Schrewe

Team ArchitectureStudent Employee Architecture

Maria Rangou

Team ArchitectureDipl.-Ing. Architecture

Neele Kotthoff

Team ArchitectureApprentice to Architectural Draftsman

Pauline Eichendorf

Team Leader InteriorB.A. Interior Design

Weih Shuen Loh

Team Creative StudioM.A. Architecture

Jannik Scholz

Team EngineeringStudent Employee Civil Engineering

Kathrin Homann

Chief People OfficerDipl.-Ing. Biotechnology

Florian Gholizadeh

Team EngineeringB.Sc. Architecture

Clara Kornfeld

Team ArchitectureB.A. Architecture

Valentina Zuluaga Parra

Team ArchitectureB.A. Interior Architecture

Johanna Göbel

Team ArchitectureB.Sc. Architecture

Stefanie Diter

Team ArchitectureArchitectural Draftsman


Team Creative StudioHappiness Manager

Laura Offermann

Team ArchitectureB.Sc. Equine Management

Sofie Born

Team ArchitectureB.A. Architecture

Sandra Lübke

Team ArchitectureApprentice to Architectural Draftsman

Yeliz Hürlü

Team EngineeringM.Sc. Architecture

Michael Homann

Team MarketingHigh School Senior

Jonas Lumme

Team Leader AccountingB.A. Business Administration

Johanna Weller

Team ArchitectureApprentice to Architectural Draftsman

Isabell Düerkop

Executive AssistantLawyer & notary clerk

Jorena Sternberg

Team Interior & Operation AssistantB.A. Interior Architecture

Franco Emanuel Gujardo-Wüller

Team ArchitectureDraftsman

Kateryna Brodska

Team InteriorBachelor-Diploma Architecture

Anne Frevert

Team AdministrationFront Office Managerin

Yuto Kuroki

Team Creative StudioM. of Architecture

Maryam Fallah

Team ArchitectureM. Sc. Architecture

Moritz Engelhardt

Team ArchitectureApprentice to Architectural Draftsman

Marco Romario Dybala

Team ArchitectureM.A. Architecture

Hendrick Schütte

Team FinanceIndustrial Business Management Assistant

Max Bräutigam

Team ArchitectureApprentice to Architectural Draftsman

Anna Funke

Team FinanceB.A. Business Management

Lennart Bertram Pöhls

Team Leader Creative StudioDr.(BRA) Dipl.-Ing. Architekt, BREEAM DE Neubau AP, DGNB Registered Professional

Freddy Klein

Team Leader EngineeringQualified Foreman

Britta Gaitzsch

Team AdministrationOffice Management Assistent

Adrian Ungerechts

Team ArchitectureStudent Employee Architecture

Hendrik Uecker

Team ArchitectureStudent Employee Architecture

Karsten Heuser

Team Leader ArchitectureM.Eng. Architect

Paula Berntheusel

Team ArchitectureApprentice to Architectural Draftsman

Nick Teutenberg

Team ArchitectureStudent Employee Architecture