In modern architecture for healthcare properties, people take centre stage. At HOMANN Architects, we attach particular importance to designing buildings that are not only functional, but also human and inviting. Healthcare properties and hospital construction in particular present us architects with complex challenges. This is because projects in this asset class operate in a field of tension between operational organisation, technical operation and health-promoting architecture.

Corridor area and ward posts in the newly built bed wing of the Elisabeth Clinic Olsberg

Healthcare properties should be places of recovery and well-being. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, as numerous criticisms, primarily of the sterile and impersonal atmosphere of many healthcare facilities, often make clear. Instead, there is often a flair that discourages rather than reassures patients. We focus on architecture that promotes well-being. We design rooms that create a pleasant atmosphere with warm materials, natural colours and plenty of daylight. Our designs aim to support the healing process by creating stress-reducing and calming environments. Just as Walter Gropius once aptly put it: “Building means designing life processes.”

Lounge area in the newly built bed wing of the Elisabeth Clinic Olsberg

Lounge area in the newly built bed wing of the Elisabeth Clinic Olsberg

Our innovative concepts for lounge areas and patient rooms are a good example of this. Rooms that are reminiscent of cosy living rooms, with comfortable seating and calming lighting, can significantly reduce patient stress. For the extension of the Elisabeth Clinic in Olsberg, for example, we used natural materials and a pleasant colour scheme to create an atmosphere in which patients feel comfortable and safe. Here, for example, we worked with wood from the Sauerland region and in this way also integrated the local forest region into the healthcare concept.

From our point of view, the design of healthcare properties entails a great responsibility. Our projects show that it is possible to combine functionality and humanity. That is why we are proud to design buildings that put people at the centre and thus make an important contribution to improving healthcare.

Contact us to find out more about our projects and our vision for healthcare property. Together we can create spaces that not only heal, but also inspire.